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PVC Stabiliser / PVC Stabilizer Manufacturers & Exporters

Pvc Stabiliser, PVC Stabilizer

We are instrumental in providing a special range of PVC Stabilisers. In order to gat assured of the quality of these stabilizers, we source these from the trusted  vendors. These chemicals are formulated by creating chemical reactions into highly specialized applications.

They were the pioneer in India for manufacturing COATED FRONT RESIN for CARBONLESS PAPER slowly and steadily they are entering the PVC industry for LIQUID HEAT STABILIZERS. 

Pvc Stabiliser

  PVC Stabilisers  

 Manganese Octoate Driers

These stabilizers are found in white powder form and are highly stable under various conditions. One pack stabilizers are versatile and help in improving the heat stability of PVC products.


Manganese driers are intermediate in activity & they have both oxidizing & polymerizing properties. When manganese used alone it may produce too hard & too brittle films.

  Cobalt Octoate Driers


 Iron Octoate Driers

Cobalt is an extremely active & most widely used drier in coatings & capable of being used even as a single Drier. It is an oxidation catalyst & acts as a " Surface Drier ".


Iron is used backing finishes since it promotes rapid drying by polymersisatoin. It prevents adsorption of driers on the surface of the pigment & increases gloss.

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